Terms of purchase

Shipping charges

Supracafé will apply additional charges to the amount of your purchase as for shipping charges that may vary depending on the shipped weight according to the following table:

0 – 5 kg. € 4,30
5 – 10 kg. € 6.75
10 – 15 kg. € 8.95
Every additional Kg € 0.49

Payment method

Supracafé offers the option to pay the full amount by Paypal, credit card (Visa, Mastercad) or bank transfer. If you wish to wire a transfer, please contact Supracafé to provide you the bank details for your transfer by calling the customer service phone at 916475500.

Delivery areas

The Supracafé online store only operates on the Spanish mainland (Peninsula). For deliveries outside the peninsula, please contact us at [email protected]é.com

Delivery times

Supracafé guarantees its customers that placed orders through the online store will be served in a maximum of four days from the moment the total amount has been paid. In case we cannot meet our delivery policy, we will inform you properly and sufficiently in advance.

Bean coffee and ground coffee

Within the range of coffees from Colombia and other origins offered by Supracafé, there are bean and ground coffees. While Supracafé RECOMMENDs consuming bean products, we can optionally serve ground varietal coffees at the customer’s request.


Supracafé will only accept returns in case of delivery errors or when the product is not in optimal conditions.

Send as a gift

Supracafé offers you the option to send our products as a gift to a person of your choosing, or to an address other than the one for invoicing. To do so, once you have chosen the product(s) and decide to order, throughout the purchase you will need to complete the shipping information inside your Supracafé account under “my information / ship to another address” by specifying what you would like to shipped as a gift.

You may also ship the Tayrona gourmet coffees in our gift box. Therefore, specify which Tayrona coffees you wish to be sent in the gift box. You can view the gift box under the “Supplements and accessories” section on Supracafé’s main page.

Please contact us for any inquiry you may have regarding this, either by filling in the contact form appearing under “Contact”, or by sending us an email to [email protected]