SUPRACAFÉ is a company at the forefront of the coffee production industry offering high-end added value through the application of R&D and innovation to its processes, and contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of people involved in production processes and the environment.


We are an organisation formed by persons geared towards working to improve the quality of life of its stakeholders through sustainable coffee production of the highest quality, by creating value and satisfaction for individuals and the society.


At SUPRACAFÉ we aim to be leaders and a point of reference in a responsible and committed high-quality coffee production processes, by means of developing research and innovation projects that allow offering new products and ensuring full traceability of the value chain.


Customer-focused. Transparent. Reliable. Sustainable and maintainable. Socially and environmentally responsible. Promoting people development. Search for excellence through R&D and innovation.


Respect for people. Honesty in service delivery. Cooperation. Solidarity. Productive work. Communication. Vocation and professionalism. Knowledge to create wealth. Ethical business conduct.